I was distributing books from a table at the Houston Zoo when a lady came by showing some interest in the books. I offered them to her and she wanted them, but for some reason she didn’t take them.

A half hour later I was talking to another person who was also interested but had no money. Just then the lady who was showing interest a half hour earlier came and saw that the person at the table wanted the books but didn’t have the money. She said to this person, “It’s okay, I’ll get them for you.” The person was surprised and said, “Oh, thank you very much!” The lady who gave money to this unknown person wouldn’t take books herself, so I was puzzled–a very nice lady but somehow she wouldn’t take the mercy of Prabhupada’s books.

Then an hour later I was speaking to two ladies with their children. They were showing some interest but when I asked for a donation one of them said, “No thank you, I’ll trade a Book of Morman for it, though.” I politely declined, but the other lady was interested, so I smiled and said to her friend, “This lady will read and then tell you how good it is.” But the interested lady also somehow didn’t take a book.

A bit later, to my surprise, a little girl, maybe six years old, came running to my table and said, “My mommy changed her mind. She wants the books.” She gave me a nice donation so I gave her many books. The lady who was showing interest was waving at me about 50 yards away when she got the books from her daughter. Mercy taken!

Your servant, Vijaya das

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