Mutual understanding, friendship, and a shared pursuit

“All religions lead to the same God, and all deserve the same respect.”
— Paulo Coelho

Alhaan Khan, of Muslim faith (stood beside me on the right in the photo), encouraged his friend Raja, a Hindu (on the left next to the book table), to accept a Bhagavad Gita. Initially declining to accept the Gita, Raja changed his mind with Alhaan’s gentle persuasion. Alhaan also encouraged Franklin, a Christian (stood on the left of Raja) to take a Gita. To complete this heartwarming scene, Alhaan insisted that all three make individual donations to acquire the Bhagavad Gitas.

Witnessing Alhaan passionately advocating for both donations and for each to take a copy of the Bhagavd Gita filled me with profound inspiration. It was a touching moment as these three best friends, each embracing a different faith, expressed mutual respect and love for one another and a sincere appreciation for each other’s faiths.

Their harmonious interaction demonstrated in such an exemplary manner how a world devoid of conflict could thrive if we all respected each other, irrespective of our differences in beliefs and faiths.

Their overarching humility, kindness and respect not only extended toward me but permeated outward, embracing humanity at large.

Alhaan communicated his conviction in the prospect of mutual learning from the Vedic scriptures, viewing it as a pathway to enrich and deepen our love and devotion in serving God.

The trio, united in their desire to delve into the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita shared their contact details to join the Liverpool ISKCON meet-up led by Divya Dasi.

This unique & beautiful encounter exemplifies the transformative power of mutual understanding, friendship and a shared pursuit of spiritual advancement.

Srila Prabhupada: “Any religion, it doesn’t matter whether Hindu religion, Muslim religion, Christian religion – if you are developing love of God, then you are perfect in your religion.”

–ys, Gurusakti Devi Dasi

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