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About Vijaya Prabhu

After joining the Krsna consciousness movement in 1978 in Miami Florida, Vijaya prabhu was soon asked to distribute books. He did this well and became the number one distributor. In 1983, he was asked to be the sankirtan leader, which he did and the result was that the Miami temple became a top book distribution center in the country. In 1990, the temple president wanted to do another service, so the administrators asked Vijaya prabhua to be the president. He did so reluctantly, on the condition that he would do it only until they found someone else. As president, he didn't decrease his book distribution, and after nine months they found someone to replace him. In 1991, he went to Los Angles to distribute books because the areas in Miami had become very difficult to work in. In 1995, inspired by His Holiness Ganapati Swami, Vijaya prabhu started distributing from a book table at universities, and this proved to be very successful, so he is still doing it. In 2002, the GBC asked Vijaya prabhua to be its international minister of book distribution and travel worldwide. Seeing this as an opportunity to increase his service, he accepted, and fortunately book distribution has increased worldwide.