Matthew with 6 Gitas

I was distributing books in Balboa Park (in San Diego) and met a guy named Matthew. He was waiting for me while I spoke to a Mexican couple for five minutes. Then he came to the table and said that he’s very interested in meditation. He’s been practicing it for the past nine months. He lives in San Marcos California, where there is a Science of Self-Relaization fellowship close to his house. So he’d periodically go there.

As he expressed the desire to get even more into meditation, we talked for a while. I showed him the text in the Gita about how attachments develop in the mind just from looking at sense objects, observing them and meditating on them. He really liked it. He said he has never read a book in his life from cover to cover, but now he’s really interested to read the Gita.

He owns three businesses (a plumbing business, a dance studio and something else). He seemed a bit distracted or agitated by something while we talked. Maybe it was his stressful responsibilities.

He was waiting for his daughter to finish rehearsing at the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park. He said, “I was trying to kill time and I saw you there. I wanted to see what kind of meditation books you have.”

“No matter how materially successful you become,” I said, “there is no chance of completely satisfying the self. We are not the body, and life is meant for spiritual inquiries.”

So at the end he gave a hundred dollars and took six Gitas (five extra for his friends and relatives). Mathew is going through a transformation. I wished him all the best.
A picture is attached.

Your servant,
Dvijamani Dasa

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