Recently I was sitting next to this really nice Peruvian girl on the plane from SFO to Brisbane. She was so sweet and kind so I gifted her a stack of books. She cordially accepted them, then asked many questions. After our exchange, she placed the books on the seat between us.

After we landed, she was packing her stuff, and I was wondering if she was going to take the books or leave them on the plane. As if reading my mind, she put the books in her bag and we parted ways.

Sometime later, while waiting to collect my bags at the Baggage Claim, I was wondering if she will ever read the books, or what will happen to those precious books. Then behind me I heard someone loudly say, “Thank you for the books! I love to read nonfiction spiritual texts.” It was the Customs Officer thanking the Peruvian girl for giving him the books I had given her earlier.

Krsna knows how precious Prabhupada’s books are, as well as how best to deliver them.

Shastra-krit das

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