We will edit your stories, so send them, please, and inspire many

As I travel around the world trying to encourage book distribution, the devotees thank me so much for this book distribution google group, because, they say, the stories inspire them to go out to give Krsna’s message. Many of the experiences devotees have on book distribution are so nice, so naturally other devotees are inspired by them. Unfortunately many book distributors are keeping their experiences to themselves. Please, please, prabhu’s, if you have a nice experience on book distribution, send it to me. Don’t worry if you’re not a good writer, or if English is not your first language, because everything is nicely edited. If you experienced something that has inspired you, that very experience can not only inspire you but others all over the world and thus increase the book distribution in a huge way.

I’m writing this, because, for some reason, I am getting fewer and fewer stories. I know it takes time to write, but for the pleasure of Krsna, Srila Prabhupada, and the Vaisnavas, please do the austerity of sitting down and writing. Your inspiring story may inspire a devotee to go out and distribute books, which may land in the hands of seekers looking for the Absolute Truth. All over the world there are people looking for Krsna.

Your servant,
Vijaya das

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