Unfavorable Christian Helps Sell Books

University of Nebraska in Lincoln

My husband (Prithusrava dasa) & I went to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln for four days of book distribution. On the first day, a Christian carrying a 6' x 10' sign reading "Surrender now to Jesus before it's too late" plus other Christian warnings, was shouting and parading back and forth just fifty feet from us for about an hour. When he noticed us distributing Bhagavad-gita, he took it upon himself to inform the students how demonic the Gita is and to warn them to stay away from "those Moonies." A number of students approached us and, whether interested in a book or not, thanked us for our peaceful style.

Then on the fourth day, we experienced a very heavy challenge by a demonic "Christian" that we thought would surely ruin our opportunity for book distribution.

After tolerating him arguing with us for 15 minutes, I asked, "Don't you have a class to get to?"

He said he was finished with classes for the day and that he'd stay with us for the remaining time, breaking up sales, etc. I then decided to distribute some distance from my husband so that this student could bother only one of us at a time. My husband prayed to Lord Nrsimhadeva, and, sure enough, the Lord protected us by convincing that guy he had something better to do with his time. He left five minutes later (after a total of 90 min.), & we were able to distribute our last Gitas by 2:30 p.m. Interestingly, this student actually helped distribute a couple of books because twice individuals stopped to ask what we were distributing when they heard him ranting.

The Christian said to one of the girls, "These people believe in reincarnation."

She replied, "Cool."

He then said, "They believe if you kill a spider, that you'll be a spider in your next life!"

To which she answered, "That's interesting. Can I have one of those books?"

He kept telling people who were interested in the books that they didn't have to give us a donation, that the books were free, etc. So we ended up giving away five or six books. But later (when he was gone) three persons separately returned to give a donation, two of them giving $20.

Param vijayate sri-krsna-sankirtanam!

Danakeli dasi

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