Thrilled by receiving more books on top of the first book

Today at Balboa Park in San Diego, I met a lady named Jenny, who looked to be around 25 years old. I shared a Bhagavad Gita with her and said, “This is a great book that teaches people how to refine their intellect and uplift their consciousness.”

Jenny was very interested, so I told her that we take donations and asked her if this was okay. She agreed, so I asked, “Would you like to be generous, or would you like to cover the printing cost?”

She said she would like to be generous, so I showed her my Square with a $25 charge and she agreed to it.

Feeling inspired, I decided to give her more books and handed her a small set of six books. She was thrilled and said, “Well, let me give you another donation then.”

“How much?” I replied.

“Well, let’s do another $10,” she said.

I agreed and thought, “She’s so into these books and so generous,” so I handed her another book.

She happily received it and said, “Okay, I’ll give you another donation then.”

“How much?” I asked.

She replied, “Another $10 please.”

Laughing, I asked her what if I continued like this, sharing all these books that I have with her, would she keep giving me donations? Jenny said she would, but I decided to keep it nice and not ask for more. I gave her some maha-prasada in the form of incense and a flower. She was really happy.

Your servant,
Dvijamani Dasa

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