There’s even a book for a fan of Heavy Metal

For the past six months a party of brahmacaris has preached in Lyon, France.

Recently, Rasananda Sankirtan Dasa from Spain joined them, and here he writes about a recent preaching adventure on the streets of Lyon.


I met the man in the attached photo a while back and offered him a book, but he did not break his meditation on Heavy Metal even to look at me.

Today, however, when we arrived in a park and passed this man, he said, “If you have a book on Heavy Metal, I will take it!” The subculture influenced by Heavy Metal music is isinterested in spirituality and opposed to authority.

With the Lyon sankirtan team, I meditated on how to sell him a book. The most appropriate book, closet to his taste, was the Isopanisad. I went to give him with the book, and he disclosed that he worships gargoyles, witches, and ghosts. In turn, I explained to him that the master of all those creatures is Lord Siva, and Lord Siva worships Lord Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And that’s who this book is about! He got the mercy of the Lord of the lord of the ghosts. Lord Caitanya is very merciful.

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