Sunny Sunday

Bhakti the Art of Eternal Love

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a Dallas Wal-Mart parking lot. We went out on sankirtan and 14 people bought Srila Prabhupada's books. One went to a pair of Black Muslims who follow Mohammad Ali. I told them that Mohammad Ali had bought a Bhagavad Gita and they said it was because their tradition requires them to read about all religions of the world. The bible, the Tao, the Koran, and so on. They were happy to acquire "Bhakti the Art of Eternal Love" to find out what Hare Krishna is about.

Sitting in his Pick-up truck was Fransisco from Mexico. I said you mean "Saint Francisco"? He was charmed by the comparison. After reading quite a bit of the "Perfecion De Yoga" he gave me a few dollars while praising the book as something he had been waiting for. Apparently he had met Hare Krishna people before. Sheila from the Philippines bought "The Perfection of Yoga" though not particularly interested but because I spoke some of her language. I lived in the Philippines while in the military. For book distribution the more languages you can speak the better.

A middle age white couple were piling groceries into their massive Sport Utility Vehicle. I expected them to blow me off with a "We don't need anything, keep moving." It turned out that they were customers of Kalachandji's restaurant, had read a "Bhagavad Gita" and gave me a few dollars for another "Bhakti the Art of Eternal Love." Two women and a baby were coming out of their car and bought a hardback "Science of Self Realization" reminding me to approach everyone, as we never can know externally who might be interested. Every person who takes a book is a special event on a sankirtan afternoon.

I hope this meets you well. Your Servant, Mishra Bhagavan Dasa

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