Summer Sankirtan Festival at Banki Bihari Festival

Summer Sankirtan Festival at Banki Bihari Festival

Devotees had a wonderful time at the two day festival which took place at Big on Bloor on 23rd and 24th July.Thanks to Radhamohan Prabhu, Krshna Ganga Prabhu , Anjaneya Tirtha Prabhu and Mathura Prasad Prabhu for personally helping out at the site with initial setup and to inspire us to get into the mood. For the pleasure of Khir Chor Gopinath and with special blessings from Gopal Krsna Maharaj and all your support, we together distributed 570 Srila Prabhupda books which is 3 times the last year’s record.Thanks to Paramguaranga prabhu, Paren Prabhu, Anshul Prabhu, Anjaneya Tirtha Prabhu, Radhamohan prabhu for late night bac count, manifesting and unmanifesting the tents and taking care of logistics.

I put down few stories from the festival. Please feel free to add yours.Our special thanks to Radhamohan Prabhu & Shayammohini Mataji for their continuous support.

Small efforts makes big difference
Little mothers Anjali & Bhagyasree came to the festival to help us with the Henna on Saturday. It was a hot day and was making it hard for devotees to continue Sankirtan. Even in this high temperatures they sticked to their service. It was truly inspiring to see how determined these little mothers are Gajendra Prabhu & Chaitanya Mataji read about the festival on tst warriors group.This couple elderly commuted from Scarborough on this hot day to support Sankirtan yagna

Give me everything
Vijay patel Prabhu came across Santosh who helped with renovation in Tulasi room long time ago. As prabhu know him in person, asked to take a book and give a donation. When Santosh opened his wallet to donate, Vijay Patel Prabhu asked to give everything. Surprisingly, he emptied his wallet. which came to $370

Above and Beyond
The temperature reached to a point where it was hard to withstand the direct heat.Seeing this situation,

Parama Guaranga Prabhu out of compassion started fanning devotees and passers by cool off. This small action bought big smiles on the devotees and helped to keep up the enthusiasm

More than books
During these big festivals, we noticed we are not able to spend enough time with ripened fruits. We saw a strong need to give more than books. This year we set up second tent for those who are willing to take more mercy. ParamGuaranga Prabhu and Vandana Mataji used this tent to make passersby chant Maha mantra on beads. Jessica had a conversation with Gopi who after talking decided to quit drinking & meat eating.

No loss or Diminution
Govindamohini, happened to meet Wally a senior citizen. She approached him with a CBH and showed him the George Harrison's picture.

The picture bought his memories back when he used to admire the Beatles especially George. Then he looked at the picture of Srila Prabhupada and told Mataji that Srila Prabhupada looks familiar to him but couldn’t recognize due to a head injury caused by an accident. He said he lost his memory after an accident. But he remembers that he used to borrow a book that had yellow cover from library with Srila Prabhupada picture on it. Then GovindaMohini showed him Bhagavad-Gita as it is and he felt so happy that He said he wants to read the book again as he is going through lot of trauma due to the accident. He heartfully gave a donation and was willing to visit the temple next week.

This reminded her this verse from Gita “In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear.”

One Gentlemen
Guarashakti team out of their busy schedule agreed to engage the crowd with their Kirtan. They enlivened the crowd & especially the festival organizer so much so that organizer reciprocated with $300 laxmi for stage performance.

Mercy through prasadam
Hemanga Prabhu met a person who was appreciating prabhupada books.He gave a book in exchange of few coins. After the conversation, he asked if we provide free food? The prasadam that Aditi mataji sent was plenty ful to distribute. He walked away with Prasad and a book!

Gopal Krshna Maharaj blessings
Due to last minute visitor, Gopal Krishna Maharaj had to cancel his personal visit to the festival. We missed his Personal association but His personal instructions were with us. We were blessed

TST west devotee family who couldn’t join us earlier due to other services, came in 30 mins before close time on Sunday.

When asked, what made you come in the last minute, Sai Prabhu replied it’s the Satisfaction that drove him at the last minute. When one develops a taste for Sankirtan its hard to resist and derives great satisfaction! We could see that today. It’s your 15 mins Sai prabhu that helped the remaining devotees to attend Sunday feast on time!

There are many more Sankirtan stories that we personally not aware of. Please share your experience with us. Please forgive us if we unintentionally missed any. Here is the list of our glorious (60) Sankirtaneers who directly or indirectly helped with the festival Narahari prabhu, Deepti Mataji, Charanamrit, Radha Mohan Prabhu,Shyamamohini Mataji,Govinda,Mahabhagavat prabhu,Aruna Keshavi Mataji,Vittala ,Mathura prasad prabhu,Anjaneya Tirtha prabhu,Parama Guaranga prabhu,Rukmini Mataji,Bhakta,Gajendra prabhu,Chaitanya Devi Dasi,Anshul Prabhu,Krishna Ganga prabhu,Ravi Prabhu, KarunaSindu prabhu,Manoj prabhu, Darshan prabhu, Nick Prabhu, Sucharu Padma Mataji,Jessica Mataji, Anjali Mataji, Bhagya Sree Mataji,Vandana Mataji,Paren Prabhu,Vijay patel prabhu,Ravi Prabhu,Durjoy prabhu,Saurav Prabhu, Kamala kantha prabhu, Amoga pandit prabhu, Geet prabhu, Hemanti Mataji,Bhaktin Krishna,Sai Prabhu,Sachimata Mataji,Laxmi priya,Priyamvada Radha Mataji,Subala Prabhu,GovindaMohini Mataji,Hemanga Prabhu,Dhira Grahi Prabhu, Lena Mataji,Keshava Prabhu, Guitar player,Radha Mataji,NityaTripta Mataji ,Rasamandali prabhu,Bhaktin Anshita,Aditi Mataji,SevaPriya Mataji,RadhaVinod prabhu,Rajesh prabhu,Bhakta Manjesh, Anumati Mataji,Hemalatha Mataji Special thanks to our devotees who cooked Prasadam for the festival Saturday Lunch – Rukmini Mataji & ParamGuaranga Prabhu, Karuna Sindhu Prabhu Saturday Dinner – NityaTripta Mataji & RasaMandali Prabhu Sunday Lunch – Aditi Mataji, Krishna priya mataji, RadhaVinod Prabhu Treats/Drinks – Hemalatha Mataji, Aruna Keshavi Mataji,Shyammohini Mataji,Anumati Mataji, Vijay Patel Prabhu

Link to the recent pics from the festival

your servant,
Hemanga Das

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