Srila Prabhupada Letter to Hamsaduta, 17th June 1969

Srila Prabhupada Letter to Hamsaduta

“Regarding the tour of North Dakota, this is a nice proposal. So if it is practical it will be very nice for you and your wife. Only thing you have to do is rent a station wagon so you can travel, sleep and cook there. Keep with you four or five pairs of cymbals, one harmonium, and one mrdanga. One of you play the harmonium, one of you plays the mrdanga and some persons in the audience can play the karatalas. In this way you can perform nice kirtana. Subala met me here in New Vrndavana and described this plan, but I do not think it is mature yet. But when some arrangement is done, you can accept it. You have suggested that Nanda Kisora and his wife join you, but how will you manage with two pairs of husbands and wives with the $350 per week? The program is very nice, and if you can make it practical, I have full support for it. This is a good opportunity for spreading our philosophy and sankirtana. I understand that you and Himavati have gone already to Vancouver, and I am expecting a letter from you as to your report in this connection.”

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