Rage in NYC Train Station

Roosevelt Avenue station in Queens

We were at Roosevelt Ave. station in Queens, NY. We had both a bhajan table and person-to-person books in action. So the mercy was flowing. I was on the other end of the platform. It's always tough in places where people are in the middle of transfers from train to train. They usually do not let anything interrupt them. We do meet a lot of nice people out there that are very receptive to spirituality, but every now and then we run into some pretty heavy personalities.

One guy came from behind me, and I called out to him, "Excuse me sir!"

This was a young guy, mid 20's, looking really gangsta. I grew up in a neighborhood with many of these types.

He shouted back in a very scournful way " SHUT UP and GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

He looked at me angrily and kept walking. I thought, Wow, he really needs this book. So I called out again.

He shouted back, this time walking towards me a little, " DIDN'T I SAY GET OUT OF MY WAY? TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE."

He turned back and continued in the direction he was going, looking back every few seconds in anger.

I don't know why but I persisted: "HEY MAN, I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU THIS BOOK!"

With great wrath on his face, he reached into his red-and-white leather jacket and looked around to see if any one was looking at what he was about to do. I really thought I was in for a knife blade in my side.

As he advanced, I didn't know what to do.

I began to say "Man, don't worry about it. Maybe next time."

But he just shook his head left to right and said, "I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP, DIDN'T I?"

Suddenly I noticed two Hispanic people walking by, and I immediately stopped them in the hope of getting out of this somehow.

I slipped a book into each of their hands

I had no awareness of these two people. I was chanting Hare Krsna in my mind, with lots of anxiety about the man approaching me from the side.

He arrived at the discussion and overhead me saying, "Yeah, we are monks and we are showing everyone books on yoga and meditation. They really help to remove anger and stress."

Just then I turned and slipped a "Civilization and Transcendence" into the enraged guy's hand, without really looking at him.

He was totally caught off guard. He looked at the book, flipped through the pages a bit, turned around, raised the book in the air with a thankful gesture, and continued on his way.

I wiped sweat from my forhead and said " Harrrreee Krissshnnaaa!"

Your Servant

Bhakta Kerel

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