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Some Burmese doctors were attending a medical convention in New York City and got a book from a devotee on the street. The book distributor showed them the Dasavatar painting in the Gita, pointed out Lord Buddha, and the doctors bought the book.

When they got back to their hotel and looked through the Gita, they thought “Wait a minute. This is not about Buddhism” but as they bought the book, they decided to take it back to Burma and give it to a Hindu doctor friend. The Hindu doctor friend turned out to be a staunch follower of Sankharacharya. He thought “Ah, this is a book about Bhakti. I have no interest in this” and he put it in one corner of his office, in a pile with so many other medical journals etc.

One day, the Hindu doctor’s son was visiting his father’s office. The young college student son wanted to learn English. He saw the big thick English language book sitting in the corner and thought “Hey, I will take this book. Look up all the words in a dictionary and teach myself English.” The son had no interest in the philosophy or studying the Gita. He simply saw it as a means to learn English.

Moving slowly, looking up every second or third word, by the time the young man finished the 6th chapter he had learned English–and become a devotee. He is now initiated as Srivas Pandit prabhu, the regional secretary for Burma, and has made waves of devotees and opened multiple temples and preaching centers all over Burma. He will tell you that it all came from one Gita distributed thousands of miles away in New York City. And I should mention–his father is now an initiated devotee as well.

Such is the potency of book distribution.

PS: I have attached a photo of a beautiful new temple the devotees are building and a group photo of the devotees from one of the temples in Burma – all from just one book.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan Swami

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