On their way home, back to Godhead

In the first photo: These people had read about Vedic culture in a book by a French scholar, so they receptively conversed with Bhakta Gustavo and purchased a set of books.

In the second photo is Carol. She felt tired due to worrying about her own and her family’s futures in this difficult world. She found hope in the message she heard from Gustavo and trusted his recommendation to read some special books.

In the third photo is a man who already met devotees. From them he had bought a Gita and learned the maha-mantra. He has read part of the Gita and adopted chanting of Hare Krishna in stressful situations. Today he took another book and reinforced his good impressions of ISKCON.

If we book distributors understand that we are part of a series of experiences and encounters, we can accelerate the conditioned souls’ search for happiness and spiritual progress.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!


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