Nice encounter at an outdoor table

On harinama in Porto Alegre, Manohara Saciputra Prabhu, the temple president, was called over by a lady named Cléia, to talk to her at her restaurant table. At that point in the harinama, he had run out of invitation cards and pamphlets with the temple’s new address, so Cléia asked him to write the address on paper. Manohara had just been chanting at the harinama, and he also had no books with him at the moment. She determinedly said how much she likes our books and asked him to get some. Manohara
happily complied, thinking of the importance of having books and pamphlets at hand. When he returned, she again surprised him by already knowing about Srila Prabhupada and glorifying his accomplishments after boldly coming to the West in old age. Finally, she exclaimed, “I love these books so much, and I’m so happy to meet you!” Happy, Cléia gave a nice donation and asked for a photo (attached).

The world needs BBT books, even if most people don’t know it. Our job is to help them awaken their desire and allow Srila Prabhupada to release them from material bondage.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Your servants from the Southern Brazil Sankirtana Yatra

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