News about the Motel Gita program at a motel/hotel convention

News about the Motel Gita program at a motel/hotel convention

Hare Krsna,

Rohininandan Prabhu persuaded a Muslim motel owner, Salim Mohammed, to take Gitas for his motel.

Another motel owner stopped by. He said that since getting Gitas, he's created twelve nonsmoking rooms. In those rooms he's kept the Gitas. He also keeps extra copies at the front desk, which a lot of people take.

Purnima Patel, a multi-motelier and great supporter of the Motel Gita program, said she loves the program. She encourages guests to take Gitas. She has been a subscriber in the Gita program for the last few years.

Kirti Chudasama said, “I love the Gita, and this is my first motel convention. The first thing I am doing after walking in is filling out this form to put Gitas in my motel rooms.”

A man named Muljibhai from Utah said, “When my customers do not find the Gita in the drawer, they ask me where it is. They ask whether I don't have it anymore. One customer, Ben Smith, has the Gita on his iPad. You know that Utah is populated predominately by Mormons." Mr. Muljibhai also supports the ISKCON Holi Festival in Utah.

The daughters of two moteliers started reading their copy of the Gita the same day they got it. They go to elementary school.

The Nashville Department of Tourism officer stopped by. She got a Gita. She was happy to get this awesome book. She said that her office should become a member and use Tennessee's list of all hotels, motels and cabins to put a copy of the book in all of them.

The CEO of TV Asia stopped by. She wanted an English Gita. She is favorable to the idea of doing a TV segment on Motel Gita.

Jagruti Panwala, the new AAHOA Secretary and future AAHOA President, stopped at the Motel Gita booth.

While at the convention, our car was blocked by other cars in a small parking lot. An eighteen-year-old appeared, and he helped me get the car out of there. He loves to read books, and he was very happy to get a personal copy of the Gita.

Another success is that Motel Gita will get free advertising in these ways: AAHOA's website, its online buyer guide, its annual printed magazine and social media, and the 2017 Convention Guide.

People have positive images of Motel Gita.

Thanks to each and every supporter of Motel Gita team, led by Vaisesika Dasa Adhikari.

Our sincerest gratitude to each and everyone who helped. Thank You Very Much.

Warm Regards!
Your Servant,
Nandini Kishori Dasi

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