Krishna will dump out your poison

Paramesvara Prabhu and I stopped to get gas after a nice day of distributing books. It was a bit cold and windy, and sometimes, with my fallen nature, I become forgetful about Krishna’s position, leading me to become irritated or disturbed after a day in the cold, especially when the wind blows books off the table.
A homeless man sitting in front of the gas station waddled his way over to the van, begging for money. Seeing the beer in his hand, I casted judgements on him based on my own insecurities and ignorance.
“Get him some food. Do we have any extra food?” Paramesvara Prabhu said. Usually we keep extra things to share with homeless people or beggars. His saintly demeanor immediately brought me back into the remembrance that being Krishna conscious means also being compassionate to all (Gita 16.1-3). We got him some granola or something, but the true gift was yet to come to him.
Before the man left, Paramesvara Prabhu asked him to do one thing: “Can you just say this for me: Krishna!”
The homeless man took a second, and again Paramesvara Prabhu said, “Krishna? Krishna.”
The homeless man was a bit confused. “If you keep chanting this attentively,” Paramesvara Prabhu explained, “you can soon perfect your spiritual life.”
The homeless man, being struck by Paramesvara Prabhu’s mercy and association, immediately started chanting. It soon turned into a gleeful shouting of, “Krishna! Krishna! KRISHNA! KRISHNA!” Dancing and jumping, he continued. It was blissful. I began shouting “Haribol!”
My forgetfulness of Krishna’s omnipotence and mercy was quickly dispelled by seeing the display of Prabhu’s acts, and I lamented my own fallen condition. Smiling, I thanked Krishna internally for delivering me from my forgetfulness of his unlimited capabilities.
As we drove away, we saw the homeless man was still chanting, and he dumped out his beer. I’ve always heard stories like this but had never before experienced such a quick turn of events in live action. Simply by chanting Krishna’s name this man immediately was given a chance for spiritual life. It was an amazing thing to be a part of. Seeing Paramesvara’s expression of gratitude to Krishna had me feeling like I was floating. Nothing is better than sharing this knowledge with others. Nothing.
Not only does this display the importance and potency of chanting the holy names, but it is also a perfect example of how amazing devotees like Paramesvara Prabhu can inspire worms like me to do something for the world, for Krishna, by doing our best to try and help others come to this platform of consciousness while simultaneously working to bring ourselves there as well. As a result, we have souls like that man dumping out the poison in exchange for Krishna’s names, simply by the mercy of the association of devotees. By Prabhu’s actions, I became pacified of my own irritations of material attachments, and that man received an abundance of mercy.
For this, I have immense gratitude and inspiration.
Bhakta Aiden

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