Krishna is Bhakta Vatsala

I approached an older black man at a street fair. In a respectful manner, he began to question why I believed what was in the books. Considering how good of an event this was, I was surprised that I was giving him so much time. But I would soon find out why.

His daughter (about ten yrs. old) came and sat down next to her father, looked at the books, and said “Hey, that’s Krishna!” Her father and I were both shocked.

I asked, “You know about Krishna?”

She said, “Yeah, my father loves reading about Krishna.”

I was surprised, but by looking at the father I could see thathe was even more surprised.

After inquiring from his daughter, I found out that he had a stroke in April and therefore could not remember many things that had occurred before then.

Seeing that an opportunity had just opened up, I seized it by further questioning the little girl in her father’s presence.

I asked, “Does he meditate?”

She said, “Yes.”

Then I asked, “Does he ever chant Krishna’s names?”

She said yes and began to chant the maha-mantra. Her father seemed as amazed as I was.

Although he had no recollection of all this, I found out that he would chant on beads and go to the Detroit temple. This was a devotee!

He then said, “Well, I guess I have to buy this book.”

In conclusion, I told him that he must have found this practice beneficial before his stroke and so he should take it up again. I showed him the address to the temple and thanked him and his daughter. I was left thinking about what Krishna says: “There is no loss or diminution on this path;” “My devotee never perishes;” and “I direct the wandering of all living entities.”

Sankirtana yajna, ki jaya!

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