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Srila Prabhupada on ISKCON Book Distribution

As we all know, book distribution is a very important activity that Prabhupada emphasized a lot. He also wanted people to become devotees by reading the books. This possibility is increased by our keeping in touch with the people we meet who are interested in the books. It's called “contact sankirtana.” We've all heard of it, but it's something we have to be reminded of every so often.

At one point, while distributing at the universities, I had eight hundred contacts, but with so many, I could only do a bulk mailout, which is not so good, because it's impersonal. Everyone recognizes a form letter. Thus I didn't get much feedback.

Now I'm contact with just twenty people a year, a number that I figured I could manage on a personal basis. Doing it this way, as soon as I send a letter to someone, I receive a response, and we keep our on-going contact, because it's personal.

When you meet someone interested, get their email and/or phone number and remember what you talked about, write it down, then wait a couple of weeks then send a letter. Fan the spark. Maybe a fire will start. I've seen positive results, and so many other devotees have, too.

In Kali-yuga, it's rare to find someone who's interested in what we're presenting, so if we do meet such special persons let's not miss the opportunities to help them in their spiritual lives. Krsna will be pleased if we take that extra step into their spiritual lives.

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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