Iso Strikes Again, Devakinandana Das Australia


I was distributing on the same street that I've been writing about for the last three months in Brisbane, Australia. One Fat Asian student got an Isopanisad from me and I invited him to the Sunday Feast. I'm leaving for the Holy Dham in a week So I couldn't make it to the feast, but a devotee who attended told me he was there. He said," That American Guy was so kind, I didn't even have any Money, but he gave the book to me anyway. I've been reading it everynight and now all I want to do is learn the Bhakti Yoga. The devotees talked to him and preached to him and helped him. Sometimes I like to talk to fat people, because people don't like them because they're not attractive. When I talk to them I find them very nice, because they feel priviliged that someone is finally paying attention to them and even glorifying them. They really like praise. Just give one of Prabhupada's books, crack a few jokes, Pray to Gaura Nitai and it's all over.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada's Transcendental book distribution.

Your Servant,

Devaki Nandana Dasa.

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