Hari nama on book distribution

Hare Krsna mantra

Dear Prabhu's


All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

One of our devotees – bhakta Hiten (he is from london, does not speak hindi) was distributing books in a crowded train in Mumbai. The devotees made anouncements in one train car and passed the books to the passangers, they weren't interested so Hiten's team mate told him to move to another car, but he kept on showing books to five passengers lined up in a row. They were looking at the books and meanwhile Hiten's team mate was insisting that he to move to another car. Hiten started singing the hare krsna mantra loudly so that everyone could hear. They were shocked, and so was his team mate. But to the amazement of everyone, all five passengers bought books.

Hari nama ki jaya!!!

books distribution ki jaya!!!

Your servant,

Govinda Dasa,

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