Continued from the Vrndavana book distribution seminar

Prabhupada Books

by Vacaspati das

My spiritual master asked me to distribute books, but I have no arms, I lost them in the army. I can't hold books, nor can I hold money. I tell the people that I have some very interesting books, but I can't show you, you'll have to take them out of the bag on my back. Then when they want the book I tell them which pocket to put the money in. I get my inspiration from other devotees. Just like a person may have a diasease if he gets to close to someone else he may spread the diasease to them, so similarly by keeping close association with very enthusiastic book distributors I have also some desire to distribute.

I have one story. It was New Years Eve in St Petersburg Russia and the authorities said no one could have any gatherings or meetings. But the devotees wanted to go on Harinama. So they went, but while chanting a group of policemen came to take everyone to jail. The chief also said the ones distributing books should also go to jail. While the police were gathering the devotees to take them in I gave a book to the chief. He looked at it and said, "Is this for me? I said, "Yes, I want you to have it as a gift, happy New Year". He was so touched by this that he told the other policemen to let the devotees go.

another time:

There was a concert. It was a big concert with tens of thousands of people. During the concert, in between songs I went up to give a book to the main singer, he happily took it gave a donation and embraced me. When he came to one song where he says the, "the sun came over the horizon, instead of saying, "the sun came over the horizon". He said, "And then the Krsna sun came over the horizon".

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