College book distribution

California State University Dominguez Hills

While distributing books at California State University (Dominguez Hills) in Southern California, I spoke to a student who was interested but only had a little change to give, so I gave him a small book. His name is Francisco. He came back an hour later and was asking me questions about what he'd read.

While we were talking a friend of his came by. He called her over and asked me to present a book to her. After the presentation she said, "You know this is all very nice, but I'll never read it. I will give you a donation though."

I turned to Francisco and said, "You see this is the arrangement of God: You didn't have enough money to get the big one, so He sent a friend of yours to pay for the big one for you. Here's your book."

Fifteen minutes later another friend of his came by. Again he asked me to present a book. As I was walking toward his friend he whispered to me, "He's a Christian, but see what you can do." As I was explaining the book to his friend, Francisco said to his friend, "This book explains the real God!" His friend was a little surprised, and I asked Francisco: "Calm down! It's the same God, just different names and understandings of His nature and characteristics." His friend then said he was interested in reading it, but had no time with all his school work. We wished him a nice day.

That Sunday Francisco came to the temple and got the full dose of mercy. As soon as he saw the Deities, he bowed down. He took prasad, chanted, and associated with many devotees.

Krsne matir astu.

Your Servant,

Vijaya Dasa

Today I was distributing at a college, also in Southern California, when three Hindus and a Christian in an Indian body came by the table. As I was showing the pictures to them, one pointed and said, "That's Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu!"

"Yes, very good. You must have been to our temple."

"Yes, my parents take me, I love to go to the temple."

They all took big books and gave nice donations.

Then I was distributing for quite some, time but no one was taking a book. Finally I thought, "Krsna is in control and without His mercy no one can take a step." As soon as I said "step" (just in my mind) a lady stopped, came over and took a book. I didn't even call her over. When things like this happen I just thank Krsna for allowing me to take part in this transcendentally mysterious activity of book distribution.

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