Challenges on book distribution with nectar at the end

In Los Angeles, I was asked to leave the first college I went to, owing to a Covid restriction created on the spot by a campus policewoman. All of the police officers were fine with me being there for many weeks, but she was different. I showed her my mask, my disinfectant spray, and my vaccination
card. She was unimpressed.

Then I asked her to let me go in the bathroom and cry, before I could take my table down. When I came back, she was still there and patiently stared at me while I packed up.

So I thought that Krishna was trying to reciprocate with me by sending three interested students at the next location.

However, there is more trouble to describe.

The two boys went into a long conversation about how cool Sadguru is and how they wanted to go meet him in India. The other, a girl, stood there listening to everything.

I had to pray to Krishna to help me.

I said, “You know, I listened to some of Sadguru’s talks on YouTube. He is certainly wise, but when it comes to Krishna (pointing at the Krishna book), I was so surprised! When he talks about Krishna, he gets it all wrong.”

One of the boys said, “Oh, that is true, he is a Shaivite,” and he went on to tell me about his ninety-year-old grandmother who had recently left her body very peacefully. She was a Krishna devotee. However, the rest of the family, over the years, had all become Shaivites.

The boys proceeded to go on talking about Sadguru, and then suddenly the girl grabbed the Krishna book off the table and said “I’ll take this!” She gave me twenty dollars.

Karuna Dharini Devi Dasi

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