Books to Iranians

I was distributing books in December outside a mall in Surrey, B.C. (Canada). I saw two men coming toward me, so I smiled and waved. They stopped, and I started showing them pictures in the Bhagavad Gita.

While explaining the modes of material nature, I asked one of them, “Which mode do you think you’re mainly in?”

He stared back at me without speaking, and his friend said, “We are students from Iran. I speak English, but he does not. We are going back to Iran tonight.”

I suggested that he could translate for his friend, and this is how I showed the book.

Then at the end of my presentation, I asked the English speaker whether he would like to take the book and contribute a donation. He quickly said no. Then him and his friend spoke to each other in their language.

Finally, I was told: “My friend is very interested in this book and wants to take it with him back to Iran.”

He gave a nice donation, then we parted ways. Later, while I was taking a shortcut through the mall to return to my car, I ran into them again. This time they were very eager to give another donation for one more book. It was very exciting for me thinking about the books flying back to Iran!

Book sankirtan, ki jai!

Banke Bihari Dasi

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