Book Distribution Seminar by HG Vaisesika Das at New Vrndavana Festival of Inspiration

Book Distribution Seminar by Vaisesika Das

Sometimes devotees are afraid to go out on book distribution because they think so many horrible things may happen, but if we just go out, overcome the tricks of the mind then you'll find so many wonderful things will happen. There is one way to distribute that I and others have found is not so difficult and is respectable, distributing from a table. In many cities at least in the US you can set up a table and distribute legally. We can set up at downtown areas, yoga centers, Indian stores, etc.

Book distribution is based on faith, the more we read the more our faith increases. Every one of these books can purify the hearts of us and those whom we give them to. To show you how this happens I'll give you an example. A lady received one of Srila Prabhupada's books thirty years ago, she never read it. Her son however was going on a spiritual path so she thought he may appreciate the book she had received years ago. She gave it to him he read it and was immediately convinced, now he's a devotee named Bhakta Ben.

Srila Prabhupada said in one purport: Simply by the attempt to distribute books you will attain superior strength and knowledge even if there is no result. But our desire is that everyone gets one of these books, this is our mission, our family business.

The more you show the more you sell. Books usually don't sell themselves. Although sometimes they do. One time Progosh Prabhu was distributing at the airport but he felt a little tired so he went to take some rest, while he was resting someone came up to him woke him up and asked if he could buy some of the books that he had next to him.

Another way to distribute is our most unutilized place "the Sunday Feast". When I was in Philadelphia the temple president said he had a large amount of Sri Isopanisads that hadn't been distributed in ages. So during the lecture I glorified the contents of the Sri Isopanisad, after the class I told all the guest that these Sri Isopanisads are being offered just outside the temple room by the President. After the class people were lining up to buy the book. Govinda Datt Prabhu in Los Angeles sells so many books every Sunday not only to visitors but to devotees. In Toronto they are also very successful at there Sunday Feast in distributing Prabhupada's books. In Vancouver they sell cases of books to the congregation, their saying is: Books are the basis, buy by the cases! Another program that is going on in the USA is the Weekend Warrior, where devotees spend some of their weekend distributing books. And of course there's the Sastra Dana which is having so much success in Los Angeles and now San Diego.

Seven steps to success for book distributors

1. If we practice we'll become expert at it. Practice makes perfect.

2. Cultivate the desire to distribute.

3. Read Prabhupada's books.

4. Chant the Hare Krsna mantra with attention.

5. Take shelter of the Holy names, in between speaking to people, chant.

6. Depend on Krsna for the results.

7. Be organized, take it seriously.

Thank you very much, Hare Krsna.

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