Book distribution on a water Taxy

Bhagavat gita

[From Seattle, WA, USA, 6/2/2007]

Veda Narayana Prabhu and I went to waterfront with our families. Kids wanted a ride on water taxi and then a horse cart.

We used the opportunity to distribute books while on the water taxi as well as the water front area. We distributed more than 20 books (most of them BGs in a very short time.)

When we got down from the water taxi, I met a man standing in front of a horse cart with 2 white horses. He is the driver of the cart and is inviting people for a tour on his cart.

I introduced myself, "Hello. I'm Madhava from India"

He responded saying "Are you from India? Great. I heard that Indian bridegrooms go on horse ride procession for their marriage. Did you also go on a horse during your marriage?"

I answered his questions and told him "The Supreme God Himself rides the horse chariot for the pleasure of his devotee Arjun and the most perfect knowledge was spoken by the Lord on a horse chariot"..

I showed him the cover page of Bhagavad Gita with white horses. He happily took the book and thanked me multiple times and gave a nice donation

Your servant

Madhava Gopinatha Dsa

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