Book Distribution in the Big Apple

Avenue of the Americas in New York City

While distributing on the street called "Avenue of the Americas" in New York City, there was a big street festival, thousands of people buying their "things" for material enjoyment.

I approached two gentlemen from India and offered them Srila Prabhupada'a Bhagavad Gita. One of them was a life member and very much appreciated that I was doing this service. The other had not yet read the BG and was interested in reading it. When I asked for a donation however, he declined.

I mentioned to him that he is so fortunate to be born in India, where when your born the Bhagavad Gita is practically on your lap. We, us westerners, have to go out everywhere searching for the truth, you have so much opportunity to take advantage of the truth, but you don't.

I told him ninety percent of the Hindus that I speak to haven't read the BG, so unfortunate.

Then he bought it. And his friend the life member said, "I'll also give a donation and take a book, I'll give it to a friend, I know what it's like to distribute books, I do it myself".

Your Servant,

Vijaya Dasa

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