Bhakta Jimmy, starting where he left off…

I’m visiting the Bhaktivedanta Asrama at Govardhana in Vrndavana. A devotee told me about a bhakta Jimmy that is also visiting this holy dham. He has a pretty amazing story to tell about how he joined.

Jimmy was studying math at a university, and about a year ago he met Parmesvara Prabhu.

After speaking with Jimmy for some time and seeing his sincerity, Paramesvara said to him, “I have a van here, and I go around to universities distributing spiritual wisdom. Why don’t you come and join me? You’re so
nice, I want you to have these books (a set of 7 books) for free.”

Jimmy said, “That’s OK, you can keep them, but I’m going to come and join you.”

He went to his room and left a note for his roommate saying, “I’ve gone to become a monk.” He gathered a few of his things and left that day with Paramesvara Prabhu.

The next day he started his book distribution, within a short time he sold his first SB set. It certainly appears that Bhakta Jimmy is picking up from where he left off in his last life.

His service now is book distribution from the Brooklyn temple in New York City.

Vijaya Dasa

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