A Counselor Receives the Real Cure for social ills

Purdue University (in West Lafayette, Indiana)

While distributing books at Purdue University (in West Lafayette, Indiana), I met a student who told me his mother was very interested in Vedic ideas and that she was a counselor in Purdue's Office of the Dean of Students. He suggested I go to her office and present her a copy of Bhagavad-gita As It Is. So I did just that.

When I handed her the book, she said, "Oh, the Bhagavad-gita!" We talked for a couple of minutes; she wanted to know who I was and what I was doing on campus. She then asked if she could give me a donation for the book. I shrugged and said I wanted to give it to her as a gift. She insisted on giving a donation, however, and reached into her purse and handed me a hundred dollar bill. "This is for your organization, " she said. "Keep up the good work."

She then showed me the magazine article she had been reading just before I arrived: "The Transformative Nature of Om." She marveled at how I happened to come along with the Bhagavad-gita at that time. As a counselor she helped students with all kinds of problems — from questions about their academic paths to suicidal thoughts — and she said she hoped to incorporate Vedic ideas into her work and facilitate east-west dialogue on the Purdue campus.

I left thinking that this "time bomb" had been placed in good hands.

Danakeli Dasi

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