A Budding Devotee is Found In Linz

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Three weeks ago I was distributing in Linz, Austria.

Because it is a great place, with many interested people, we are looking for someplace to hold Sunday Feasts.

Shortly before the end of the day I stopped a girl on her bike. She was already gone, but came back because I was so friendly, she said. She gladly took a First Canto, Part One.

I told her about our ambition for a venue. She then said that a certain friend called David may know something. When I heard “David,” bells rang.

Last semester I had met a David with dreadlocks and a sikha. He was studying social work and had been in India. He was totally into the philosophy.

I gave her the above description, and she said, “Yeah, that's him.”

So I asked for his number and phoned him the next day.

Me: “Hare Krishna. I am the monk you met last semester, remember?”

Him: “Hare Krishna. I did not meet you last semester, but it's nice to hear from a devotee.”

Me: “No, it must be you. You study social work, have a tuft of hair and have been to India.”

Him: “Yes, that's me. Strange. Let's meet up.”

So we met, and it was not the person I thought he was.

But he had kanti-mala, many pictures of Krishna in his flat and our BBT books. Amazing! How?

This David had stayed in the Juhu Beach temple for two weeks, in the ashram (for free, very nice of them) and had met my mentor, Dvarakadish Dasa, a brahmacari with whom he built up a nice relationship and from whom he got a superb impression of Krsna consciousness.

Just see how wonderfully Krishna arranges that His devotees come to Him.

David visited us the next weekend, and he is very eager for the mercy.

Please bless him to forget all material pleasures by getting a true taste of the unlimited nectar of service to Krishna's lotus feet.

Your servant,

Gour Mohan Dasa
Simhachalam, Germany

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