90 days, 35 days, 28 days, and now 15 days

Three or four years ago, I distributed a Bhagavatam set to one of my friends. She is from Pleasanton CA, but not a member of our congregation. She hesitates about coming into our congregation, because she doesn’t want me to change her. She is not enthusiastic to wear tilak and so on. But she was
most enthusiastic about reading the Bhagavatam.

She started reading at an amazing speed and kept me abreast of her progress. She and even her daughter finished the Bhagavatam in about three months, but that was without reading the purports.

Then she started reading it over and over again. She increased the reading time to such an extent that she was reading all the verses in the twelve cantos within thirty-five days, only to restart again. Then she became even better at it and was doing it in twenty-eight days. Now she reads Srimad Bhagavatham every fifteen days.

I was like: “Please give me the dust of your feet!”

She told me the key to do this. Every day, two hours dedicated reading. And no matter what, don’t get up unless you finish that quota. All this she did with two school kids, in a demanding homemaker’s position.

I thought it would be inspiring for everyone to hear. I hope this brightened your day. It does mine every time I think that I am fortunate to be a part of this service!

Your servant,
Sutra Malika Dasa

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