Two travelers pick up books

Two travelers pick up books

Met a man today with two suitcases. I asked him why he looked more peaceful than everyone else, and he said because he has suffered so much. I showed him the Gita, but he said he had the Gita. I showed him "Searching For Vedic India," which he immediately took a liking to. He said he is going to India next year. He gave $20 and took the book. (He said that he was an upscale homeless man. His wife had left him and his kids had abandoned him, so he is now traveling the world). I had him chant Hare Krishna with me before he left.

Met another boy, who, when I told him, "I'm stopping all the peaceful people," said, "I'm not peaceful. I'm not sure who I am."

He attentively listened to my Gita presentation. When I asked him whether his mind is happy, active, or lazy (ala the material modes picture), he said again, "I don't know what I am. I'm trying to find out, but I don't know."

Poor soul! He looked genuinely confused. He told me he had just arrived today into NZ and didn't have any money. I said I take foreign currency. So he gave me 20 euros and 10 australian and got the hard-cover Gita, "Searching for Vedic India," "Chant and Be Happy" and the "Enough" magazine. We chanted Hare Krishna together, and he left looking grateful.

Sankirtan Yoga Dasi

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