Thrilled and blown-away by special customers

Nikhil with his cute sister

In February, I had a book table set up in an Indian shopping mall in Atlanta. A lady walked by, along with her teen-age son. I called them over to give them some prasada. I gave both a spoonful of maha-halava. The mother said, “We have all these books.”

The boy liked the new BBT book by my Gurudeva, Devamrita Swami, and she bought it for him.

A couple of weeks later, the boy, Nikhil, approached my book table and put a nice donation in the donation box and asked for a Gita. I felt thrilled. He reminded me that I had sold him “Hiding in Unnatural Happiness.” He read it, cover to cover, and the book inspired him to read the Gita.

And again, recently, still in the same mall, Nikhil came along with his cute little sister, after having finished reading the Gita, and he asked amazing questions.

For example: “Prabhupad says we should go to Krishna-loka, and a few pages down Prabhupad says pure devotees don't even want to go to Krishna – they are happy serving Krishna anywhere. How to understand that?”

After our nice discussion, he bought the First Canto.

And Nikhil's sister had deep questions, too: “Why in the paintings do we see the girlfriends of Krishna and the Vraja animals so attracted to Him?”

Nikhil bought a Krishna book for her.

I was blown away at how special these siblings are. Must be from their last lives. Attached is a photo of the little devotees.

Your servant,
Shastra-krit Dasa

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