Students pondering who they are, and life & death, get Gitas

While distributing books at San Jose State University, I talked to a student who was confused.

She asked, “What is my real identity?”

Showing her the picture of the changing bodies in the Gita, I explained her identity as a spiritual being, now covered by layers of gross and subtle bodies.

It was big news for her to hear this knowledge. She was happy and said that no one had ever told her about this. She took a few books and decided to practice mantra meditation to realize her spiritual identity.

Later, while thinking about the incident, I was thankful to Srila Prabhupada for giving us this knowledge in a clear, logical way, along with the process to realize the spiritual self.

Another time, while showing a Gita to a Muslim student who reads the Quran, I responded, “Wonderful. Which chapter and verse are you reading?”

He seemed kind of surprised at hearing this and responded that he’s reading the part about life and death. I showed him the changing bodies picture and said that it is the same thing. He happily took the book and gave a donation.

Your servant,
Madhava Govinda Dasa

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