Los Angeles Marathon news


Dear devotees, the Marathon here in LA is fully on, Brghupati Prabhu yesterday distributed 112 big Bhagavad Gita's and 75 big books, he's our inspiration. Although he's 52 years old, he has so much energy you would tink he is 19, he's in transendental samadhi.

Then there's Dvarakesh das from South India who has only been distributing for the past 8 months, every day for the past 3 days of the marathon has been distributing over 200 big and maha big books in the LA airport.

Then there is Parameshvara das who went out yesterday at 8:30 AM and didn't come back until 1:30 AM this morning, chanted his rounds and went to Mangal Aroti, now he's ready to go out again (he'll take a snap in the afternoon, a transendental madman).

Stay tuned in for more news on mercy of Lord Caitanya.

Your Servent

Vijaya Das

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