You just carry the books

I approached my temple authority, saying, “Aditya Rupaka Prabhu, can I do another service today? I think that today isn’t really my day for sankirtan.”

He didn’t accept my argument, and he responded, “You just carry the books.”

“But Aditya Rupaka, I have no inspiration to talk to people.”

“Don’t talk, just carry the books. Say to yourself, ‘OK. Today I am just a carrier.’”

As soon as I left the temple, I got the idea to walk to a park, sit there and read, maybe even nap, and then return to the temple for lunch. I had no desire to look at people, so I bowed my head and walked towards the park, carrying books in my arm.

After fifty meters, a man approached me and asked, “What kind of books do you have, boy?”

I just reluctantly mumbled something, but he stopped me and said, “Wait, let me see.” He asked about the price of each book.

Without looking at him or the books, I replied, “Give me as much you like.”

Very soon, another person approached me and the same situation replayed. In this mysterious way, the mood and inspiration were awakened, and sankirtan was ecstatic.

Devotees’ mercy, ki jaya!

Your Servant,
Nitaidaya Dasa

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