WSNL for August 2023

The big news for August is that a 72-year-old devotee was the No. 1 book distributor, and this isn’t his first time. Bhrgupati Prabhu did 6,666 book points, going out to college campuses for five hours, five days a week. Yesterday, for example, he collected over $1,200 and distributed over a hundred books. Bhrgupati gets Krsna’s mercy.

Now for the world. In the Large Temple category, the No. 1 temple was Mayapur, which did 129,795 book points. Pune had the biggest increase in this category, 141%, with 40,695 book points. Among the Medium temples, Salem was No. 1, with 4,818 book points. The Medium temple that increased the most was Denver, with 2,241 book points, a 201% increase. In the Small Temple category, Dhaka-Uttara, Bangladesh, was No. 1, with 9,877 book points, which was also the biggest increase: 132%. In the Maha-Small Temple category, Baltimore was No. 1, with 2,522 book points, which was also the biggest increase: 268%. All glories to the sankirtan devotees!

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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