Will this Book Help You Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking

by Bhakta Corey

We went to a mall in Brownsville, Texas near the border of Mexico, and had a very wonderful experience distributing books. The Spanish people seem to be very relaxed–and it appears to me that they are living a peaceful life.   

There was one person I met that I remember quite well. I stopped a Mexican man who was smoking a cigarette. He took the book,Perfection of Yoga, and while he was looking it over, he asked if I had any more books. He also took a copy of Spiritual Yoga, and told me that he had a friend who was a yoga teacher. He asked if I did yoga, and I told him yes, because it can help a person to relax. He said "I wonder if it helps you quit smoking?" and then he threw away his cigarette.

I mentioned to him that ever since I had started practicing yoga, about two years earlier that I had no longer had the desire to smoke. My statement seemed to pique his interest, and he agreed to look over the books.

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