Why take sankalpa (a goal) for book distribution?

Sankalpa makes it easy for us to turn to Krishna in surrender, to achieve our goal. And thus two things are achieved: increased surrender to Krishna and achievement of goal.

I will share two incidents that demonstrate this.

“I want to distribute 25 Gitas in this building,” I prayed, while walking up the steps of the LIC office in Pondy Bazaar.

Very soon a young man told me to meet Mr. Rajesh on the second floor. Rajesh was not in his office, and I went about the two-floor building and distributed books. I checked on Mr. Rajesh again, but he still had not returned to his office. I was disappointed that I could do only 11 Gitas instead of the 25 I wanted.

Just then the young man came up the steps and anxiously asked me, “Did you meet Mr.Rajesh?” I explained that he was not in his office. Then he said, “There he is.” On the steps, with people walking up and down, I showed Rajesh the Gita, and he booked 14 books right away (12 English and 2 Hindi). Total: 25!

That’s the glory of sankalpa: Krishna fulfills the devotee’s desire.

Part 2: “I will not miss Sunday.”

During one period of my life, my sankalpa was door-to-door book distribution every day for an hour or until my books were exhausted. I carried only 15 to 20 small books in a bag. For door-to-door book distribution, Sunday is best, because the men are at home. On other days, when only women are home, they don’t come up so easily with the money. If they don’t take books, I give them japa cards and request them to chant.

One particular Sunday I had a bad headache. I wondered whether I should go out on book distribution or just take rest. Since it was a Sunday, I did not want to miss the opportunity. So I stepped out.

At the first five doors I knocked on, there was no response. It was a hot morning, around 10:00 AM at the sixth house, a young man came out, made me show him all the books I had, and took all the books in one shot!

I was back home in fifteen minutes to take rest.

Sankalpa helps us do our service to Srila Prabhupada without giving maya a chance to lure us in her direction. And it opens to us the amazing love of Krishna in fulfilling the desires of His devotees.

Take sankalpa bravely and share with us your realisations of how Krishna helped you achieve your goals!

Going on book distribution is like going on a walk with Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. Don’t miss it!

Your servant, Tarini Radha-devi Dasi

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