We’re still “a new organization” with spiritual knowledge

Last week, we were supposed to be on our way to North Carolina to meet some devotees, but our car was giving us problems. While we were trying to fix it in our parking lot, a car pulled in, to turn around. The driver looked at us, and I waved at him.

He drove up to us and asked whether we’re a new organization, and I responded, “Yeah, man, we bought this church just ten months ago.”

“Do you like knowledge?” I asked him.

He answered, “Yeah, I love knowledge.”

So I took him to the book room. The first thing I showed him was the Bhagavatam set, and eventually he asked “How much?”

I said, “Most people give $299, but no one has given $350.”

He ended up giving $330 to buy the set plus a Sapta Rishi set. His name is Benjamin, and he has a son who is exactly my age. He’s fired up to read the books and come to the Sunday program. See the attached photo.

Your servant,
Mahotsaha Dasa
Krishna Life Atlanta

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