We All are Heavily Indebted to Srila Prabhupada

indebted to Srila Prabhupada

Hare. Krishna.. The experience I got just now while delivering 3 preordered Krishna books is worth sharing. Usually we have a negative opinion while talking about BMC and RTO personnel when money is concerned. But while on the mission of book distribution I had a very different and pleasing experience and which clearly marks the power these extraordinary books by Srila Prabhupada command. I went to BMC “M” ward to deliver 3 Marathi Krishna preordered books. I parked my vehicle near Saibaba temple. I went to BMC office and delivered 3 Krishna books the cost of which was 420. I was given 500 note and as I prepared to return balance 80 Rs. This lady told me to deposit the amount in the temple hundi. I offered to give receipt but she declined. I came back smiling and wondering how it can happen in Municipal Office.

I came back to where I had parked my vehicle and found my vehicle was towed away by RTO van. At Sumannagar RTO office I saw my vehicle and just casually told the traffic havaldar who had towed it, that I am a servant at Iskcon and had gone to BMC to deliver books. I showed him a marathi Bhagavad Gita and 13 somehow looking at the clean face of the havaldar, some inner voice told me to offer Bhagavad Gita to him as gift. I asked him the penalty charge and he directed me to the window. Before going there I gave him Bhagavad Gita and requested him to keep it as a gift and read it regularly. This gesture transformed him and he told me 'Sir you are helping me and now its my turn'..He quietly took out penalty amount from his own wallet gave it to a boy standing next to him and told him to pay it at the counter and give back my vehicle. I protested but he smiled folded his hands and went away with Bhagavad Gita.

As other havalder (who donned a warkari Tilak on his forehead) at the counter was preparing the receipt, he asked me which book I had given to other havaldar and I showed him one more copy of Bhagavad Gita which I had in my bag. He asked me for the cost. I told him its Rs.100. He quietly withdrew amount from his pocket and gave it to me along with the penalty receipt. Next time I shall think twice before talking about rampant corruption in BMC and RTO. We all are heavily indebted to Srila Prabhupada for showing us the path of eternal bliss through his numerous books. The small or big any book which is penned by Him has tremendous power. A mere physical encounter with these books can work wonders and bring about changes in an individual which cannot be termed as anything less than miracle.

Sule Prabhu, Ghatkopar

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