Upcoming Seminar Sept 2012 – Sankirtana is High Sandhana By HG Veisasaki Das

Sankirtana Is High Sadhana

I am happy to inform you, that we are planning on organizing a book distribution seminar with Vaisesika prabhu who will be here with us in Hungary Budapest between the 10-18th of September 2012. The seminar will be on the 13-14-15 of September (from Thursday till Saturday).
Vaisesika prabhu has been distributing Srila Prabhupada books for the past 40 so years. He is building up the Silicon Valley temple and congregation around book distribution, where they do different forms of book distribution. They do it on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis at their MSF (Monthly Sankirtana Festival) days, the distribute Bhagavad-gítas to motels, and he is doing so many other things, that are related to book distribution.
We have been inviting Vaisesika prabhu for the past 3 years to help us develop our congregational book distribution team, and he is also training our full time book distributors. This seminar will be for those devotees, who are dedicated to distributing Srila Prabhupada books either as full time devotees, or as congregational devotees.
It will be a great opportunity for all the participants to get inspired and to absorbe themselves deep into the topic, mood, technics, etc.

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