University researcher finds the books and takes a huge interest

I was distributing books in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, on a typical, busy weekend day, when, toward the end of the day, I met a very nice lady. I was talking to one couple about the books, and right after they left, she suddenly approached me with an interest in seeing what the books are about. She told me that her name is Blodwyn and that she’s doing research on environmental studies at the University of Redlands and also loves to teach.

I showed her some books and said, “Yeah, these books are completely out of this world. The best teachers are those who teach by example.”

We spoke more about Krishna conscious philosophy, about how Krishna is the one who controls everything and that the shortcut to happiness is to surrender to Him. She then became interested and said, “Wow, I am so stoked to be talking with you!” She wanted to take a nice bundle of seven to eight books. When I asked her for a donation, she asked me what people typically gave. I told her fifty dollars, and she said, “Oh really? Okay, no problem.”

“Actually, generous people give a hundred dollars,” I said. She didn’t hesitate and agreed.

We then began to talk more, and she opened up to me about how in her younger days she was a Catholic and had some really bad experiences on that spiritual path. I told her that real religion means to attain love of God, and that our permanent occupational duty in this life is to serve. I explained that you can’t change the fact we must serve, but religion or faith can be changed. She became fascinated by the philosophy.

I told her she looked like a very social person with a lot of connections and asked whether she knew a lot of people. “Well, I’m a teacher, so yes!” she said. I had about thirty more books on my table, so I offered them to her, asking her to share them with her students. She thought for a moment and said, “Okay, yes, I can do that.”

When I asked for another donation, she mentioned she had a card given by her school for personal expenses up to $750. I asked how much she could give, and she gave another $200.

“Wow, you’re very generous,” I said, and explained to her that these donations actually give her an eternal benefit. I gave her a box to carry the books, a garland, incense, and two slices of pizza from the morning. She was completely fascinated and said, “Oh my God, Dimitrii, this is amazing!” Before leaving she told me, “I think I found my new religion.”

Later, she sent me this: “Btw, the pizza was honestly the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Who are you, Dmitrii? Why did I get to meet you yesterday? I’m reeling from how our paths crossed.”

Dimitrii Sibirov

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