The Mind is the Problem

As I was distributing books at Orange Coast College in Los Angeles a man came up to my table and asked about the books on display.

He was a Muslim, and so he said to me, "My family would be very upset if I were to accept these books."

I said, "God is more important than your family. Bhagavad Gita means the song of God. It tells us how to know Him and love Him."

We talked a little longer. A very nice man, he then went on to his classes.

The next day he came back and said, "I'm so happy to see you. I didn't think you would be here again today. You won't believe what happened. Last night before I went to sleep I was thinking about what you had said about God being more important than my family and how true that statement is. Then I went to sleep and I had a dream. My family members had all become evil and very cruel to me. I was shocked. Then this book Bhagavad Gita appeared in the dream – glowing! It was so beautiful."

I said, "So, you see, this is a clear sign from God that he wants you to read this book."

Somehow he was still reluctant.

Then I said, "You want to read this book, you the soul, and God wants you to read it, but your mind is the problem."

At that he said, "You're right. I'll take it."

We talked for quite some time after that and I got his e-mail. We'll be in touch. A special soul.

Your Servant,

Vijaya Das

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