The Change in the Heart, by Ekatma Das Finland


The below is a beautiful demonstration as to why we keep on passing out these wonderful books; the real nutrition for the heart of a preacher.

The below is also an indication of the fact that we need to take exellent care of these wonderful spirit souls whom we have brought to the bright daylight of Krishna consciousness from the dense darkness of the age of Kali.

Hello and Hare Rama. My name is Luka and I am from Slovenija. I'm not sure if you remember 3 girls when you were in Praha last year. They bought a book from you (Sri Isopanisad)and they gave me this book. That book and some other things changed my life. I am doing bhakti-yoga and i am very happy. I found what is our life for. Bhakta-s here in Maribor and Slovenija are very friendly. I found many friends and we do many things together (cooking, singing holy names, helping to those who are in needs… I am in bhakti-yoga now for 3months. I am also reading books. I will be very happy if you will send me a e-mail.

Bhakta Luka

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