Stormy Monday and a downpour of mercy

Here is a nice message from Srila Prabhupada to all those who are distributing his books.Traveling from Auckland to Whangarei, I stopped in Wellsford for a short break from the road and did some book distribution. It’s a usual spot for me.

I’d had some strong apprehension about going out that evening, as it was cold, stormy, and rainy. However, when I arrived, there was a gap in the clouds, and I told myself that I’d feel less apprehensive and much better once I got on the street and did it. Besides, it would be just for about ten minutes.

Stopping a few people on the main street was of no avail until I stopped a girl in a Fonterra uniform hurrying back to her four-wheel drive. I waved and smiled. On seeing me, she stopped.

Then to my surprise she started to breakdown in tears. After I asked what was wrong, she responded that she’d had a really tough day at work. Not quite sure how to reply, I tried to comfort her by introducing myself and some small books I was holding. I explained how meditation and yoga wisdom traditions can help us deal with stress and live a more peaceful and holistic life. I showed her “Chant and Be Happy.” She knew who The Beatles were, and she smiled.

Eventually, she said, “This must have been meant to be.”

She then said she’d take all the books I was holding. She gave me a generous twenty-dollar donation and said that she would go home, have a hot bath, and start reading them.

I felt very privileged to act as a medium for Lord Caitanya’s mercy that stormy Monday.

Syamanga Dasa

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