Stories from Ukraine, from a devotee who goes out every day

2,022 books were taken in 72 days! 44 books distributed today! Such a beautiful day that it can not be expressed in words, despite the bad weather and few people. Nevertheless they took books. They were interested in the Vedas, and large books also went well. An ocean of positive energy. I met the controller in the trolley bus, and she let me on the bus for free, so I gave her a book.

I passed a cafe and offered books to three men. One man immediately became interested because he was listening to Torsunov O. G.

Then the three of them bombarded me with questions: What kind of hairstyle do you have? What is on your forehead? What do you sing about? What about vegetarianism? They listened with rapture. They were very inspired, and the girl said that she always loves to dance with Hare Krishnas! So today is just a nectar day, filled with sankirtan pastimes!

A boy, aged 8, asked what kind of books I have. He loves to read about travel.

I said, “This book is about traveling deep into oneself.”

He refused. I thought, “If Krishna inspires him from the inside, then he will take it.”

And I went on to other people. After ten minutes, someone pats me on the arm and holds out money. It was the same boy. He took the book and ran happily on his way.

I wave to everyone when I distribute. I waved to one guy, and he said, “Damn.” He recognized me and gave a donation, and I gave him a book. Apparently I had already met with him and he had promised to donate, and I had forgotten about it. But Krishna didn’t forget. He remembers everything, and He reminded him.

Some guys, about 15 years old, like to do different pranks on people. They approach and involve people. Either they give flowers or sweets, and shoot on camera. I invited them (since they are fans of such ideas) to
distribute the books. The guys agreed and approached three women and they immediately took the books from them and gave donations! So everyone got the benefit: the guys, the women, and it’s easier for me.

Carrying books is nectar. Just got off the bus and offered books to a lady, and she took so many books so easily.

We also go to the market every weekend and there are a lot of people that take more than a hundred books.

The nectar of book distribution in Ukraine, during a war!

Your servant, Ekantita Dasa

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