Srila Prabhupada Letter to Gurudasa, 15th March 1970

Srila Prabhupada Letter to Gurudasa

“At first I must thank you very much for your slides and the viewer which I enjoy whenever I find some time. The pictures of the London temple immediately get me there and I enjoy your company. So I can understand that everything is going on well in the London temple. The service of the Lord should be so nicely executed that Radharani will bestow upon you blessings, raising Her right hand palm. You have got a very nice wife, a devotee and intelligent. So both husband and wife combined together please see that the temple service is being executed regularly and nicely and thus make your lives happy and successful. Side by side, both of you should train your junior brothers and sisters in the service of the Lord, so that in case both of you go for preaching work, the scheduled program of the temple may not be hampered. We should follow two important lines, namely the pancaratrika-vidhi as well as bhagavata-vidhi. The bhagavata-vidhi is preaching work, and sankirtana, and the pancaratriki-vidhi is temple worship of the Deities. The temple worship will keep us sanctified and when we shall preach in sanctified pure heart the preaching will be immediately effective. So we have to follow the two parallel lines simultaneously for successful execution of devotional service.”

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